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ADTi 26MP 26S Surveyor Drone Mapping Camera - Unmanned RC
$200.00 OFF
ADTi 26MP 26S V2 Surveyor Drone Mapping Cameras - Unmanned RC
$110.00 OFF
ADTi 36MP 36S Surveyor Drone Mapping Camera - Unmanned RC
$500.00 OFF

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A Drone Camera Company

UAS Payload Systems Design and Develop

ADTi (Aerial dynamic technologies and Innovations Ltd), founded in 2017, is a technology company engaged in UAS Payload systems design and develop, ADTI products have been sold to worldwide, North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and ADTI provides world-class service to meet all different requirements of camera design, drone payload design, both in hardware and software for our customers.

A Drone Manufacturer

UAV Designing and Manufacturing

Aviation Design, LLC is an international company in the aviation sector. We design, manufacture and deliver industry-leading aircrafts, such as helicopters, multirotors, fixed wings, VTOL airplanes and eVTOL manned aircrafts. Aviation Design Group has extensive experience and knowledge in providing full solutions for prototyping, testing, composite material frame molding, and fully carbon fiber or composite material airframe manufacturing along with our existing fleet of OEM ready to fly aircraft solutions.

A Drone Battery Company

Drone Battery Designing and manufacturing

Hax Technologies is a LiPol Battery Co., Ltd, a lithium polymer battery manufacturer in Shenzhen, China and was found in 2012. With over 10 years of experience the power industry, our team understands the unique requirements of our clients. From custom system to stocked items, we will meet your demands in the most effective manner.

A Drone Propulsion Company

Motors, and ESCs, and Propellers manufacturer

Innovative company, designing, developing and manufacturing brushless motor , specialize in manufacturing premium-grade components for drones, robots, and electric equipment, such as brushless motors, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers), propellers, and batteries. Committed to excellence, our factory operates in full compliance with the ISO-9001 Production Management System.

An Optical Lens Manufacturer

Camera Optical Lens R&D and Manufacturing

Genoptory have been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of optical lenses, has global influence in the industrial lenses field. As a leading company for the industrial lens standard setting in China, and the governing company for the China Optical Society. Genoptory has comprehensive capabilities from optical product research and development, core parts processing, lens assembly and testing, camera assembly, precision machining, and equipment development.

A Drone Flight Controller Company

PX4/Ardupilot, and FPV Flight Controller

OrionPilot is a PX4/Ardupilot frimware based UAV flight controller supplier, we are Founded in 2020, and also collaborate with Dronedocde, PX4, Ardupilot.

OrionPilot focus on hardware quality, and innovation, we have our R&D team, Sales team and technical service team for after sale services, to ensure that customers can contact us at any time with technical questions about any product

A Camera Gimbal Company

2-Axis and 3 Axis Gimbal R&D and manufacturing

Gremsy was established on April 13th, 2011, by Vietnamese engineers filled with passion, creativity, and an intense desire to create mechatronics products to meet increasing demand in the film industry, especially in Aerial Video-Photography.Through nearly a decade since its establishment. Gremsy has become one of the leading brands of aerial camera gimbals for numerous industrial applications, including surveying & mapping, energy & utilities, solar panel inspection, construction, agriculture, and so on.

A Drone Multispectral Provider

AI-Enabling Multispectral Technologies

Agrowing Ltd. is a world leading provider of high resolution, high-quality multispectral sensing solutions, which bring the aerial precision agriculture sensing to the next and significantly higher level. Agrowing provides Precision Agriculture with disruptive 5, 10, and 14 high-resolution bands, Dual-Purpose RGB/Multispectral AI-Enabling Patented Sensor’s and Imagery Acquisition technologies. The company is focused on supplying growers and farmers with solutions, which provide them with immediate in-the-field accurate actionable data.

An Aeiral Camera Control Company

GPS,Attitude, and Subject Distance geotagging

AirPixel provide professional aerial equipment for camera control in aerial filming and photography industry. AIR Commander Entire brings full camera control which is easy to use and fully universal. Long range remote control for exposure, triggering, video recording at any camera you like to. Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Z-Cam, KOMODO, BMPCC 6k, ADTI cameras.

You can mount the Entire to ANY drone with ANY camera.

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