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High Power Density Light Weight Drone Solid State Lithium Battery 5C 4.45V HV

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This 5C HV solid-state Lithium batteries have higher energy density than the normal solid-state regular voltage batteries have, they have 15% more endurance, lighter weight.

( above photo shown,  the horizontal cross-section area of the battery is smaller than the H-corss-section area of an iphone 12 )

Using a solid electrolyte will provide a smaller size with higher energy density, longer lifespan, and increased safety.

this HV solid-state 5C batteries has 15% more endurance than the normal voltage solid state batteries due to the HV cell.


6S 16000mAh HV 5C:

weight: 1.453kg  size (length*width*height): 115*76*73mm

6S 22000mAh HV 5C:

weight: 1.964kg  size (length*width*height): 205*115*35mm


12S 16000mAh HV 5C:

weight: 2.891kg  size (length*width*height): 145*115*73mm

12S 22000mAh HV 5C:

weight: 5.800kg  size (length*width*height): 205*115*75mm



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