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120MP Oblique Camera for DJI M200 and M300 Aerial Mapping

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Color: Oblique Camera with DJI Skyport

ADTi oblique camera OBLIQUE CAMERA SURVEYOR 5 PRO with DJI PSDK Skyport. It is a Professional Mapping Oblique Camera for DJI M200 and M300, and it is designed for high accuracy 3D urban mapping and 3D corridor mapping.

1. Lightweight Camera Body

The weight is as light as 850g, which effectively reduces the flight weight and improves the flying duration and operation efficiency.

2. DJI POS Data

The Surveyor 5 PRO collects DJI POS data and IMU position data, and also it is compatible with DJI M200 or M300 RTK system, which can reach high accuratcy to 1 cm. It is also compatible with DJI Terra, which can achieve survey with no GCPs used, greatly improve data accuracy, and the efficiency of internal and external operations.

3. Easy Mounting

The Surveyor 5 PRO is mounted to DJI Matrice 200 or 300 ( standard or RTK versions) through SkyPort which is integrated with power, RTK signal connection, data transmission, image transmission.

3. Simple Operation

The Surveyor 5 PRO can be easily controlled on DJI Pilot directly, just like any of DJI payload systems.

It has LED indicators and  a 1" OLED display, the display can show camera temperature , each sensor photos number and GPS Satellites numbers. The Surveyor 5 PRO has an active cooling system which can avoid overheat during long working hours under the hot weather condition.

all photos from 5 sensors can be tranfered to a computer.

This Oblique camera consists of five 24.3 MP EPS-C EMOS Sony sensor cameras, each camera is equipped with German craft custom lens, the total resolution is 120 MP. With the Sony bionz X microprocessor, it can achieve full colour in each photo captured.


Sensor: APS-C CMOS(23.5X15.6mm)
Lens: 25mm/35mm
Pixels Number: 24MP
Total Pixels: 120MP
Oblique Lens Angle: 45 degree
Total memory capacity: 320GB (removable) 
Power Supply: 4S-6S
Working Temperature: -10°C ~ +40°C
Weight: 820 g


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