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Azure Hybrid VTOL UAV

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Azure Hybrid VTOL UAV is a tail thrust tandem wing VTOL UAV. It is made of carbon fiber composite material, which is duable and light in weight.

It combines both aerodynamics and aesthetics, it features the sweep forward & positive-dihedral front wings and the arc dihedral rear wings.
Azure Hybrid VTOL UAV adopts a lifting blended-wing-body structure which creates less drag, while both  wings provide lift, makes it as a more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Azure Hybrid VTOL UAV features a large cabin for varieties size of payloads. It is able to carry maximum 17kg payload. Also The interior design of the fuselage makes the installation of avionics easier.


Aircraft Length: 2020mm
Aircraft Height 696 mm
Aircraft Wingspan Front: 2300mm/Rear:3755 mm
Engine: 110 cc-170 CC petrol (gasoline) piston engine
MAX Payload: 17 kg
MAX Take-off weight: 40 kg
Cruising Speed: 26 m/s
Endurance: 12 hours with 3 kg payload、7 hours with 8 kg payload (actual flight test)
Climb Rate: 4 m/s (fixed wing)
Max Altitude: 5000 Meter
Operational Temperature: -20℃-50℃
Wind Resistance: takeoff and landing 27-38km/hr; cruising 38-50 km/h