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XT-D35 VTOL Hybrid UAV-3 Kg Mission Payload for 8 Hours Endurance

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XT-D35 VTOL UAV has excellent aerodynamic design, long endurance, high degree of automation, large payload capacity.

XT-D35 VTOL UAV has both Fixed Wing and VTOL versions, For the VTOL version, it adopts 4+1 VTOL layout (quad lifting + one tail pushing thurst) make the UAV more safe and reliable.

XT-D35 VTOL UAV is made of carbon fiber composite material which features light in weight, high durable, waterproofing.


Aircraft Length: 2260 mm
Aircraft Height: 800 mm
Aircraft Wingspan: 3920 mm
Engine: 60CC engine
MAX Payload: 8 kg (VTOL) 12kg (Fixed Wing)
MAX Take-off weight: 35 kg
Cruising Speed: 24-40 m/s
Endurance: 8 hours with 3 kg payload (VTOL) & 8 hours with 7 kg payload (Fixed Wing)
Climb Rate: 4 m/s (fixed wing)
Max Altitude: 5400 Meter
Operational Temperature: -20℃-50℃
Wind Resistance: takeoff and landing 27-38km/hr; cruising 30-45 km/h

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