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26MP APS-C Mapping Camera Surveyor Lite 2 for Drone Aerial Survey

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Original price $1,800.00
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This 26MP APS-C mapping camera Surveyor Lite 2  is a best option of the high quality mapping camera in the market. it has:

  • CMOS APS-C 23.5*15.7mm (26 MP 6252*4168)
  • Manual fixed focus (ortho) 2 options (25mm and 35mm)
  • Built-in Multi-Interface hot shoe output for PPK
  • top dynamic range and very low noise
  • 82g in weight including lens for ABS version(aluminum version weighs 119g )
  • longer life shutter 

this Surveyor Lite Lite 2 has directly Geo-tagging function, it can connect to RTK GNSS GPS Module, the geo-information will be tagged on each photo during a mapping mission.

It has PPK Feed back from hotshoe function, so it can timestamp on PPK GNSS Modules such as Emlid Reach M2 each time capturing photo for accuracy mapping mission.


1. Sensor:

  • CMOS APS-C 23.5*15.7mm
  • 26 MP 6252*4168
  • radio-3:2

2, Lenses:

  • Manual fixed focus (ortho)
  • 25mm or 35mm Actual Focal Length
  • 37.5mm or 52mm Equivalent Focal Length
  • 59° or 45°FOV
  • Less than 0.5 % or Less than 0.02%
  • F5.6 Aperture
  • >=128lp/mm or >=110lp/mm Central resolution

3. Camera Parameters:

  • Photo Format-JPEG
  • TF card Only
  • Shutter interval-Max 0.7s, recommend 1s
  • Global Mechanical Shutter (longer Shutter Life)
  • PPK available 
  • Directly Geotagging
  • Power 12-28V DC Battery
  • Camera triggering-+3.3V/5V 100ms

4. Functions:

  • Photo Encryption-Encrypt photos in case to lose/damage the camera (request of custom made)
  • Geotagging photo-Able to connect GPS GNSS to geotag every photo (default)