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210S 210MP Full Frame Oblique Camera for DJI M300 OR Pixhawk Aerial Mapping

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ADTi 210S full frame oblique camera is a new generation of 210-megapixel oblique photogrammetric multi-camera 210S. It adopts brand-new technology and process to create a new generation of full-frame oblique camera, more detail user manual please click ADTi 210S Quickstart guide

The new generation inter-mirror shutter lens module achieves faster shutter speed and longer shutter life than original Sony curtain shutter has; the 210S is integrated with centralized SD cards hub module that can storage all five sensors image data and transfer them to PC via USB 3.0 cable.

210S has data preprocessing software called Freetop FT-PreData, it can inspect all the field data, assist internal engineering import.

ADTI 210S can be integrated with a three-axis The brushless self-stabilizing gimbal, while achieving a more stable acquisition attitude, the custom angle configuration truly realizes three-axis acquisition without dead angles.

The new generation of 210S is only 135*135*112mm in size and 950g in weight, so that middle size multicopter such as DJI M300 can carry the 210S full-frame cameras.

The 210S, which consists of FIVE 4200-pixel full-frame SONY CMOS sensors, ONE 40MM Nadir-facing lens and FOUR 55MM focal length 45-degree lenses.

1. Full aluminum camera body

The camera housing is made by aluminum, the total weight is as light as 950g, which effectively reduces the flight weight and improves the flying duration and operation efficiency.

2. DJI POS Data

The 210S collects DJI POS data and IMU position data, and also it is compatible with DJI M200 or M300 RTK system, which can reach high accuratcy to 1 cm. It is also compatible with DJI Terra, which can achieve survey with no GCPs used, greatly improve data accuracy, and the efficiency of internal and external operations.

3. Easy Mounting for DJI OR for another drones

The 210S has DJI SkyPort adopter, which is also removable, it connect with 210S with multi-port, once the Skyport adopter is removed, the multi-port can be integrated and connected to another flight controlling system such as Pixhawk cube. 

4. Simple Operation and easy data transfer 

all photos from 5 sensors can be tranfered to a mini SD cards hub module.

This hub module can transfer all 5 sensors photos at same time to computer via a USB 3.0. It is interchangeable, so one is full with photo data, you can use another for new missions.

For more details information, please click the 210S 210MP Full Frame Oblique Camera User Manual for download.


Image Sensors - ALL
Sensor Type:CMOS
Sensor Manufacturer:Sony
Each Effective Megapixels:42.4
Total Effective Megapixel: 212
Sensor Format:full frame
Sensor size:861.6mm2 (35.90mm x 24.00mm)
Approximate Pixel Pitch:4.51 microns
Focal Length Multiplier:1.0x
Aspect Ratio:3:2
Color Filter Type:RGBG
Anti Aliasing Filter:None
Color Depth (bits):26
Maximum Effective ISO:3,434

Image Capture

Image Resolution:
7952 x 5304 (42.2 MP, 3:2),
5168 x 3448 (17.8 MP, 3:2),
3984 x 2656 (10.6 MP, 3:2),
7952 x 4472 (35.6 MP, 16:9),
5168 x 2912 (15.0 MP, Other),
3984 x 2240 (8.9 MP, 16:9),
5168 x 3448 (17.8 MP, 3:2),
3984 x 2656 (10.6 MP, 3:2),
2592 x 1728 (4.5 MP, 3:2),
5168 x 2912 (15.0 MP, Other),
3984 x 2240 (8.9 MP, 16:9),
2592 x 1456 (3.8 MP, 16:9),
12416 x 1856 (23.0 MP, Other),
5536 x 2160 (12.0 MP, Other),
8192 x 1856 (15.2 MP, Other),
3872 x 2160 (8.4 MP, Other)
Image File Format:JPEG, RAW (14-bit ARW 2.3), RAW+JPEG
Continuous-mode frames/second:5.0

Video Capture

Video Resolution:
3840x2160 (30p/​25p/​24p)
1920x1080 (60p/​60i/​50p/​50i/​24p)
1280x720 (30p/​25p)
1280x720 (120p)
Video File Format:XAVC S / AVCHD 2.0 / MP4; Audio: LPCM / Dolby Digital (AC-3) / MPEG-4 AAC-LC, stereo
HD Video Out:Yes
HD Video Connection:HDMI

Lens & Optics
Nadir-lens: inter-mirror mechanical shutter 40mm F5.6 lens*1
45 degree down facing-lenses: inter-mirror mechanical shutter 55mm F5.6 lens*4

Shutter Type:Inter-mirror Mechanical shutter
Minimum exposure interval: 0.8S


Camera Size: 135*135*112mm
Camera Weight (body): 950 g
Package Size: 80*80*50 cm
Package Weight: 2500 g
Power: DC12-28V, 50W
Operating Temperature: -10 to 40°C

also you can choose DJI PSDK Skyport or Non-DJI Serial Port (for PX4 and Ardupilot)

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