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ADTi 61PRO Quad Multispectral System (25mm 10 band )

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ADTi 61PRO Quad Multispectral System consist of ADTi 61PRO full frame camera with Agrowing  Quad Multispectral lens ((25mm 10 band), as well as Agrowing software AwDemo.

 Click the link to download the Agrowing Multispectral AI-Enabling Technologies presentation to see the details of this multispectral technology.

Read the white paper and case study:

1. What is so special about Agrowing's sensor's technology?

2. ADTi +Agrowing Hight Resolution Multispectral Solution Review

3.Case study: Fertilizers_N-P-K_ratio_Nitrogen_potassium_phosphorus_microelements

Files download link:

1. Agrowing Multispectral Photos Charts

2. Processing Agrowing Imagery with Pix4D Fields

Image Sensor
Sensor Type:CMOS
Sensor Manufacturer:Sony
Effective Megapixels:61
Sensor Format:full frame
Sensor size:849.6mm2 (35.7×23.8mm)
Approximate Pixel Pitch:3.76 microns
Focal Length Multiplier:1.0x
Aspect Ratio:3:2
Color Filter Type: Filter-Cut, Multispectral
Anti Aliasing Filter:None
Color Depth (bits):26
Maximum Effective ISO:3,344

Image Capture

Image Resolution:
9504 x 6336 (60.2 MP, 3:2),
Image File Format:JPEG, RAW (14-bit ARW 2.3), RAW+JPEG
Continuous-mode frames/second:10.0

Lens & Optics

Lens Mount:Agrowing Quad
Auto Focus: No
Manual Focus: Yes

Shutter Type:Mechanical shutter

Shutter Type:Mechanical shutter

Multispectral Features:

Lens type: Quad lens single mount
Multi Spectral Chroma Bands: 30nm 20nm and 15nm* wide - 405;430;450;550 -560;570;650;685 -710;850 (customized for best performance)
Effective focal length: 25mm
Effective resolution per channel: 15MP
Focus type and range: Manual 2m - infinity
Aperture: F6.0
Field of view: Diagonal 45.90 Horizontal 35.0 Vertical 26.60
Distortion: <1%
Relative Illumination: 68%
Iris: fixed F6
Lens dimension: (ØxLxW) 60x35.2 mm
Lens weight: 182g

Camera Physical Features:

Camera Size:  120*80*42mm
Camera Weight: 270 g (without lens) - 452 g (with quad lens) - 790 g (with DJI X-port gimbal and lens) - 917 g (with Gremsy gimbal and lens)
Package Size: 500*500*250 mm 
Package Weight: 800 g - 2 kg
Power: 12-28V DC Lipo or Liion
Operating Temperature: -10 to 40°C

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