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ADTi +Agrowing Hight Resolution Multispectral Solution Review


Before reading this specifications you will probably want to know, what are the differences of ADTI+agrowing multispectral solution and another multispectral cameras:

1. Agrowing’s US and EU patented design enables continuous digital alignment of all the chroma bands, regardless of the acquisition distance

2. Agrowing+ADTi multispectral systems are unique in their capability to capture aligned multispectral close-range imagery. High resolution multispectral imagery of sub 1mm and even 0.5mm per pixel, enables AI analysis, machine learning and classification.

3. Agrowing’s lenses are all made of glass and metal and not affected by whether conditions.

4. Agrowing+ADTi multispectral line includes sensors of wider dynamic range, more bands and higher resolution than the state-of-the-art sensors.

5. Agrowing+ADTi multispectral systems overcome synchronization and parallax issues, which are typical to multi-camera designs.

6. Agrowing+ADTi multispectral systems allow capturing multispectral video

7. The sensor’s bands can be customized to customer’s demands (requires MOQ for the filter parts).

8. Agrowing+ADTi multispectral cameras are mechanical shutter ! which offers the best possible image quailty and reduces the likelihood of the dreaded jello effect. global shutter is good, but the existing global shutter multispectral sensor's resolution is too low, and sensor size is very small as well.




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