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UAV Ground Control Station-Powerful Tools for Commerial and Indurital UAV Pilots

The UAV GCS (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles Ground Control Station) is also known as the Mission Planning and Flight Controlling Station. The mission planning mainly refers to plan the flight path of UAVs for flight missions, flight controlling refers to control the various systems and payloads of the entire UAV during the flight. According to the operator's requirements. Most UAV GCSs are designed for Civil Engineers, movie production companies, aerial inspections, law enforcement, agricultural and search & rescue operations who want to simplify and streamline the drone control process. Software Programs Compatibility: Software programs compatibility is the key factor that commercial pilots consider to choose a right GCS for their UAVs. The world Flight Controller Systems can be majorly divide into...

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Composite Materials: How Did they Become so Popular on UAV Industry?

How did composite material become so popular on Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV) industry?  In the world of UAV, the composite materials are the essential component due to the specific properties and low weight, the designing and manufacturing an UAV with the composite materials become a core factor affecting the durability and endurance of UAV. Advantages of Composite Materials for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles:   Excellent Mechanical Properties: Compared with traditional metal materials, composite materials have the characteristics of high specific strength and specific stiffness, small thermal expansion coefficient, anti-fatigue ability and anti-vibration ability. It can be used in UAV structure to reduce weight. 25% ~ 30%. Resin-based composite materials have many advantages such as light weight, complicated structure, easy design, large design space,...

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Composite Material UAV Frame

when we talk about composite material for UAV, we will think about fiber glass, carbon fiber, new fiber rereinforced Plastic.  Composite materials can be a combination of two or more those materials, and they are widely used in cars, helicopter, and unmanned aircraft vehicles. we are composite material UAV manufactuer, please see photoes below: and testing flight video:  we have ability to OEM any UAV frame design, also we will have an agreement with your company for the right and confidential of your design.   Unmanned RC Co.

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