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Luna 980 Fully Autonomous Aerial Mapping Drone

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Luna 980 is fully autonomous aerial mapping drone which is superior light in weight (980g), the standard Luna 980 version has equipped SONY WX220 Camera, and it has endurance up to 85 mins. it is easy to use, drone pilots can just throw into the air and Luna 980 can take off by itself, als it can return to home, and circling down and belly landing simply by one button click. it has a cruising speed of 14m/s, so it is able to travel 65 KM per  single battery.


24MP APS-C Mapping Camera Surveyor Lite:

Luna 980 can equip our 24MP APS-C Mapping Camera Surveyor Lite, with 25mm F5.6 Light Weight Lens. it can achieve 690-850 Acres (2.8-3.4 square KM) cover area with 80 mins flight time single battery.

Easy to setup in the filed:

we have designed a hard case for Luna 980, so it is fully protected to travel anywhere.

Takeoff and Landing:

Luna 980 can be easily takeoff by hand lunching, always take-off in the direction opposite to the direction of the windflow.


Weight: 988g

Wingspan: 920mm

Material: EPO foam, one-take moulding

Propulsion: Electric pusher propeller

Battery: 11.1V, 6400mAh/7000mAh

Endurance: 85 minutes

Cruising speed: 14m/s

Radio link range: 3-5km (optional for upgrade)

Take-off: Throw and fly

Software: custom-made GCS ( logo design available ! make it as your own company GCS)

Landing: Circle down, Against the wind, Belly landing

Image processing: Pix4Dmapper or Trimble Inpho

Navigation: GPS+INS+ RTK/PPK