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MAD8108 EEE Heavy Lifting drones Motor

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This Package includes: 1xMAD8108 EEE Heavy Lifting Multicopter Motor 

ENTHUSIASTS EXTREME EDITION for extreme weight reduction while maintaining the highest possible performance.

  • Open body design for better passive heat dissipation.
  • Propeller installation compatibility.
  • Reduced motor weight.
  • Motor mounting holes standarization.


The heavy-lift multi-rotor quadcopter engine. This motor was designed for endurance flight.


  • Airy case design
  • Passive heat dissapation
  • Lower power consumption & Maximized performance


  • Designed for 6-12S voltage
  • Increased torque


multiple propeller mounting options

4 x M3 Ø12 mm



  • Mounting holes standardization

4 x M3 Ø30 mm
4 x M3 Ø25 mm


Configuration 36N42P 36N42P
RPM/V 100KV 170KV
Stator Size 81 x 8 mm 81 x 8 mm
Motor Dimensions 86.8 x 27.5 mm EEE 86.8 x 27.5 mm EEE
Shaft Diameter OD: 15 mm, ID: 13 mm OD: 15 mm, ID: 13 mm
Continuous Power (60 mins) 350 W 600 W
Maximum Power (60 secs) 750 W 1300 W
Maximum Current (60 secs) 24 A 35 A
Idle Current at 16 V 0.7 A 1.4 A
Internal Resistance 186 mΩ 89 mΩ
Heat Dissipation Passive Passive
Rotor Balanced Yes Yes
Heavy Duty Design No No
Degree of Protection Rainproof Rainproof
Motor Weight 250 g 250 g
Product Boxed Weight 525 g 525 g
Maximum Thrust 2000 g (6S) - 3300 g (12S) 3800 g (6S) - 6800 g (12S)
Efficiency at 1500g Thrust 17.0 g/W 15.0 g/W
Propeller Mounting Holes 4 x M3 Ø25 mm, 8 x M3 Ø35 mm 4 x M3 Ø25 mm, 8 x M3 Ø35 mm
Motor Mounting Holes 4 x M3 Ø30 mm, 4 x M4 Ø32 mm 4 x M3 Ø30 mm, 4 x M4 Ø32 mm
Wire Winding Extended 150 mm Winding Extended 150 mm
Propeller Adapter 2 pcs 2 pcs
Additional Accessories 3x Bullet Connector Set
3x Heat Shrink Tubes
2x M3 10mm
2x Carbon Prop Cover
1x MAD Stickers
1x Black Foam with Hole


100KV Propeller size 27" - 34" 6S Takeoff Weight 700 - 1500 g/rotor
Propeller size 18" - 22" 12S Takeoff Weight 1300 - 2000 g/rotor
170KV Propeller size 27" - 29" 6S Takeoff Weight 1500 - 3000 g/rotor
Propeller size 20" - 22" 12S Takeoff Weight 2000 - 3500 g/rotor

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