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Vesper Multirotor

Original price $15,000.00 - Original price $15,000.00
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$15,000.00 - $15,000.00
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 This is Full Carbon Fiber Structure (Kevlar Reinforcement) 1200mm Size Quadcopter, Military Grade, very relialbe and durable UAS Platform. it is equipped very efficiency propulsion system, it has Lift Aerodynamic Design that both "wings" will lift the drone during the flight when it move forward. In this Way, Decreasing the motors power consumption when it fly in 8 m/s, the endurance will increase 17% comparing with the same size and weight quadcopter.

Vesper Multirotor has Smart high density li-ion battery which has battery management system (2.7kg 21000mAh).

The Max payload weight is 9kg, and it can carry max 1.5 kg payload, the hover endurance with no payload is 70 mins, it can have Tmotors U8 with 26inch propellers.

 We designed a traveling case with custom made foam for Vesper Multirotor , so it can be transfer easily and safely.


Wheelbase: 1220mm

Takeoff Weight: 7-9 kg

Battery Weight: 2.7 kg

Frame Weight: 3.5 kg

Payload Weight: 0-1.5kg

Size: 980x930x240mm

Max AMSL: 4000 meter

Operating Temperature: -20-60 C

Max Flight Speed: 50 km/hr

Cruise Speed: 30 km/hr

Endurance: 70 mins per battery ( no payload)