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Professional Mapping Oblique Camera for UAV Aerial Mapping (120MP)

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Color: Oblique Camera

This is the thrid generation ADTi oblique camera OBLIQUE CAMERA SURVEYOR 5 STANDARD with smart camera system. It is a Professional Mapping Oblique Camera for UAV, light-weight 3D modelling array camera. The total weight  of this array camera is only 700g, this Oblique Camera  is designed for high accuracy 3D urban mapping and 3D corridor mapping applications.

Compare with the second generation, the ADTi oblique camera surveyor 5S third generation has an external GPS module for POS recording.

It has LED indicators and  a 1" OLED display, the display can show camera temperature , each sensor photos number and GPS Satellites numbers. same as the second generation, the ADTi oblique camera surveyor 5S has an active cooling system which can avoid overheat during long working hours under the hot weather condition, in thie way, it can prevent camera system shut down dur to the overheat problem.  

all photos from 5 sensors can be tranfered to computer with high speed by USB Type A 2.0 cables.

This Oblique camera consists of five 24.3 MP EPS-C EMOS Sony sensor cameras, each camera is equipped with German craft custom lens, the total resolution is 120 MP.


Sensor: APS-C CMOS(23.5X15.6mm)
Minimum exposure time: 0.6s
Lens: 25mm/35mm
Pixels Number: 24MP
Total Pixels: 120MP
Oblique Lens Angle: 45 degree
Total memory capacity: 320GB
Power Supply: 4S-6S
Working Temperature: -10°C ~ +40°C
Weight: 700 g


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