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Titan 1300 PRO Water Proofing Heavy lifting Multicopter

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 The Titan UAV is a professional multi-rotor aircraft designed for aerial lidar and photogrammetric mapping, aerial surveillance and inspection applications. Titan has a custom made Industrial Grade pixhawk, that is compatible with QGC and mission planner.

The titan UAV emphasizes high lifting capacity and ultimate waterproofing, to make sure it can stand up to all challenges such as harsh weather condition, and single person operation mission.

It has been tested and proven it can be operated in high tempareture environment. During the  temperature test, Titan UAV can keep flying 50 mins in 50°C confined space, not only it can fly well in high temperature, but it also can hold its position in the air in -20 °C environment.  Titan UAV has high wind resistance, it can safely take off and land in 50 km/hr wind speed. We have tested Titan UAV fly more than 52 mins with 3.5 kg lidar mapping system during 28 km/hr wind. Also it is tested for hovering 3.5kg payload to fly at 3000 m (70 Kpa) elevation for more than 35 mins in single battery.


Max take off weight: 26kg

Max payload weight: 10kg

Standard payload weight: 3 kg (<6kg recommanded)

Diagonal wheelbase: 1300mm, foldable arms

Propellers: 28-inch carbon Fiber 

Hovering endurance: 60 mins (no payload), 45-50 mins ( 3kg payload)

Cruise Speed: 30-50km/hr

Frame material: carbon fiber with CNC7075 aviation aluminium

Battery: 45.6V/32000 mAh high energy ultimate water proof SBUS BMS smart battery

Flight Distance: 10km video transmission

Max flight altitude: 5000 m

Wind resistance: up to 50km/hr

Rain Proof: 12cm/hr

Operating temperature: -20 - 50 °C