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T20 All-in-one Ground Control Station Mission Planner Windows

Original price $1,599.00 - Original price $1,599.00
Original price $1,599.00
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The T20 hand-held ground control station is a portable industrial grade ground computer station, very suitable for individual operation.

T20 provides function such as mission planning, attitude control, payload control, navigation & positioning, remote monitoring, etc. Dual computer systems for option, supports the most GCS software in the market.

Industrial-grade computer and military grade data link ensures the safety and stability of the flight. Easy operation and transportation. It has been widely used in unmanned aerial vehicle, ground robots, bomb disposal robots, remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and other robotic devices.

It features:

  • X86 platform compatible with the most UAV flight controller systems in the market, 8 inch display with the weight only 1kg, suitable for one hand operation
  • The integrated design of 30km data link, remote control, and the computer.greatly reduced the preparation time in the field,
  • Independent dual SBUS output, able to control the drone and the payload.
  • Robust industrial grade computer with GPS,4G network can provide the support of remote transmission, WIFI, bluetooth and extended storage.
  • Front and rear cameras that can do face verification to unlock the computer to secure aircraft controls.