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T18 handheld All-In-One Android System Ground Control Station

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T18 handheld all-in-one control adopts an integrated body and moulding. It has grip position for the rubber material, antislip and resisitant to knocking, with an excellent hand feel. T18 has all the functions in one unit: remote control, payload control, real-time video display, route planning, etc.

It features:

  • Reserved UART serial port, can be connected to the external devices such as RTK, 4G individual device, hand grips, etc.
  • QGC customized GCS, compatible with all the Pixhawk flight controllers
  • Reversed UART interface, able to communicate with external  device, like RTK, 4G individual device, hand grip, etc
  • Antennas multi-transmitting and receiving to ensure strong sginal and fluent HD video display.
  • Airbrone unit with dual SBUS output, able to control both the drone and the payload
  • HDMI video input interface, supports the most camera gimbal