T10-TIR MINI 10X Optical Zoom and Thermal Camera with 3-axis Gimbal - Unmanned RC
T10-TIR MINI 10X Optical Zoom and Thermal Camera with 3-axis Gimbal - Unmanned RC
T10-TIR MINI 10X Optical Zoom and Thermal Camera with 3-axis Gimbal - Unmanned RC
T10-TIR MINI 10X Optical Zoom and Thermal Camera with 3-axis Gimbal - Unmanned RC
T10-TIR MINI 10X Optical Zoom and Thermal Camera with 3-axis Gimbal - Unmanned RC

T10-TIR MINI 10X Optical Zoom and Thermal Camera with 3-axis Gimbal

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T10-TIR MINI is a high-precision professional 3-axis gimbal which features high stability, small size, light weight and low power consumption. The 3-axis gimbal based on FOC motor control technology, adopts high-precision encoder in each motor. It can be used on DJI drones M200 / M210 / M210RTK. Controlled by APP DJI PILOT it can meet many powerful functions, such as: photos or videos with 10 times optical zoom, object tracking, thermal imager and so on. The speed of Mini Z10TIR gimbal is adjustable, LOW speed mode for tele end, the control will be more accurate; Fast mode for wide end, which makes the gimbal control sensitive and quick. The one-key to center function will allow the gimbal return to initial position automatically and rapidly. You can input a degree in APP Payload Setting and get the gimbal attitude angles exactly.

Powered by 1/3" CMOS module, the camera has 4.08 Mega valid pixels, supports 10 times optical focus FHD 1080P video. There are two video streams in the camera, one is 1080P 30FPS, local H.264 compression, stored in the device SD card. Another video output 1080p 60FPS HDMI HD signal for the wireless transmission. Designed according to the characteristics of aerial photography application. Fast auto-focus, multi functional, small size, and support PWM, S.BUS and TTL serial control.

Integrated French ULIS high-precision uncooled long wave (8μm ~14μm) thermal image sensor, MINI-Z10TIR can record and transmit thermal image and visible images at the same time. See the unseen. ULIS thermal sensors reveal details invisible to the naked eye by making subtle differences in temperature visible. This new view on the world can reveal potential grid fault, building cracks, the location of lost people in thick smock or corn field day and night.


Build-in normalization, cross-correlation and tracking algorithm, combining with object missing recapture algorithm, achieve stable track of the target. Support custom characters of user OSD, adaptive gate, cross cursor, trace information display. The tracking speed is up to 32pixel/frame,object size range is from 16*16 pixel to 160*160 pixel, with the minimal signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) 4dB, the mean square root values of pulse noise in the object position < 0.5 pixel, which greatly improve the accuracy and tracking effect.


Hardware Parameter
Working voltage 14V ~ 16V
Input voltage 3S ~ 4S
Dynamic current 1100mA @ 12V
Idle current 800mA @ 12V
Power consumption ≤ 13.2W
Working environment temp. -40℃ ~ +60℃
Output  micro HDMI(HD output 1080P 60fps) / Skyport
Local-storage SD card (Up to 128G, class 10, FAT32 or ex FAT format)
Control method PWM  / TTL / S.BUS / DJI Polit
Gimbal Spec
Pitch/Tilt ±90°
Roll ±85°
Yaw/Pan ±150° / ±360° (IP/SDI output)
Vibration angle Pitch/Roll: ±0.02°, Yaw:±0.03°
One-key to center
Camera Spec
Imager Sensor 1/2.8inch CMOS
Total pixel 2.43MP
Dynamic range 65dB
Lens 5MP
Optical zoom 10x, F=4.7~47mm
Digital zoom 6x
Min object distance 1.5M
Viewing angle Horizontal: 58.7°(Wide end) ~ 3.2°(Tele end)
Vertical: 45°(wide end) ~ 2.4°(tele end)
Focus: 70.9°(wide end) ~ 7.1°(tele end)
Sync system Progressive scanning
Local video 1080P 30fps local TF card
HD output 1080P/720/480P 60fps HDMI1.4
AV output Standard CVBS 1Vp-p
S/N ratio ≥52dB
Min illumination Color 0.05lux@F1.6
Backlight compensation Backlight compensation/strong light inhibition
Gain Auto
White balance Auto/Manual
Shutter speed Auto
Control system UART/IR/PWM
Communication protocol PELCO-D, Hitachi protocol or VISCA
Focus Auto
Focus speed 2s
Lens initialization Built-in
User presetting bit 20 sets
Image rotation 180°, Horizontal/Vertical mirror image
Defog Yes
Fotoformate JPEG
Videoformate MP4
Camera Object Tracking
Update rate of deviation pixel 50Hz
Output delay of deviation pixel <10ms
Minimum object contrast 5%
Minimum object size 16*16 pixel
Maximum object size 160*160 pixel
Tracking speed ±32 pixel/frame
Object memory time 100 frames (4s)
The mean square root values of pulse noise in the object position < 0.5 pixel
Light Supplement
Effective range 300 meters
Light wave length 850 ± 10nm (940nm, 980nm)
Illumination angle power zoom synchronously, 70°~2.0° adjustable
Zoom time 2s (wide end - tele end)
Power consumption of laser chipset 2 ± 0.2W
Illumination angle Tele end 2.0°: effective range 300 meters, spot diameter < 20 meters
Wide end 70°: effective range > 40 meters
Working voltage DC12V ± 10%
Power consumption in total < 11W
Control system PWM/TTL
Communication system UART_TTL
Communication protocol PELCO-D (defualt baud rate 9600bps)
Packing Information
N.W. 650g / 554g with Skyport
Product meas. 129.8*117.1*119.8mm