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Swift PRO Full Composite Material VTOL UAV for Mapping and Surveillance

Original price $5,400.00 - Original price $9,800.00
Original price
$5,400.00 - $9,800.00
Current price $5,400.00

The Swift PRO Full Composite Material VTOL UAV is a new version of Swift VTOL UAV, comparing with the last version, Swift PRO Full Composite Material VTOL UAV has much longer endurance with single 12S 30000mAh Solid State Power stone Lipo Battery. the endurance which has been tested with 780g mapping camera payload is 212 mins. It can take off on ground less than 1 square meter, and fastest flying speed (40 m/s) and futhermore, it has large interior fuselage space, so it can carry large size of payload.

The wings can be easily installed or detached on both side of its fuselage.

It can be folded into a traveling case without taking off the propellers.


Swift PRO VTOL UAV Specifications:

Wingspan : 2650mm

Length: 1580mm

Frame Weight: 2.5kg

Max Takeoff Weight: 14kg

Stall Speed: 16m/s

Cruise Speed: 20 m/s

Optimum Cruising Speed18-25m/s

Min. Speed Required: 16m/s

Max.Speed Can Reach: 40m/s

Max payload weight: 1.5-2.5 kg

flight time (with 1 kg payload and takeoff weight 8 kg):3.5 hours (212 mins)

Size After Folded: 950x830x275mm

Traveling Case Size: 1200mm x 1100mm x 350 mm