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MAD Antimatter M6C12 IPE V3 Long Endurance Motor

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Each box includes: 1 x 3 Long Endurance Motor

Antimatter M6C12 IPE is designed to carry payload of 2.5-4kg, supports 6S-12S voltage. Comparing with equivalent same class motors in the market, our M6C12 IPE has higher efficiency, and about 30 gram lighter. It’s your best to go motor in this load for endurance flight.


  • Upgrade M6C12 IPE V3 is improved to get higher reliability and stability for long range flight. It also maintains the excellent properties and characteristics of the previous generation and enhances motor safety and service life that fully meets the demanding requirements of various industries.
  • Higher protection level IP45, best for harsh environment


The M6​​C12 V3 motor has strict all weather protection, strong power and high performance. Multirotors are used in a variety of application environments such as aerial photography, emergency search and rescue, police law enforcement, fire rescue, power inspection, surveillance and more. The M6 ​​series propulsion system provides the most stable and reliable propulsion even in bad wheather conditions for highend aerial platforms.