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High Power Density Light Weight Drone Solid State Lithium Battery

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$380.00 - $1,434.00
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The solid-state Lithium batteries use a solid electrolyte comparing with the Lithium polymer (Li-po) battery and Lithium-ion (18650) batteries pack that use liquid electrolytic solution. Solid-state batteries have higher eneery density than the Lipo or Li-ion batteries have, they store twice as much energy as a lithium-ion or li-po battery.

Using a solid electrolyte will provide a smaller size with higher energy density, longer lifespan, and increased safety.


6S 16000mAh:

weight: 1.5kg  size (length*width*height): 200*65*49mm

6S 22000mAh:

weight: 1.96kg  size (length*width*height): 200*75*65mm

6S 27000mAh:

weight: 2.35kg  size (length*width*height): 210*88*60mm

6S 30000mAh:

weight: 2.60kg  size (length*width*height): 210*88*68mm

12S 16000mAh:

weight: 2.99kg  size (length*width*height): 200*75*100mm

12S 22000mAh:

weight: 3.92kg  size (length*width*height): 200*75*132mm

12S 27000mAh:

weight: 4.74kg  size (length*width*height): 210*90*123mm

12S 30000mAh:

weight: 5.28kg  size (length*width*height): 210*90*137mm