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Frigate VTOL UAV for Mapping& Aerial Inspection and Surveillance

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The Friate VTOL UAV system is ADTi latest Full Cabon Fiber VTOL Paltform for aeiral mapping, inspection and surveillance. It can takeoff and land vertically, also it has longer flight time compare to other same size and weight UAVs, the flight time can be up to 2-2.5 hours with 1 KG onboard EO/IR dural camera system and 2.5-3 hours with 300-500g payload, the wingspan is 3 Meters, and has max take off weight of 13kg, with cruise speed of 75km/h.

we designed that the Frigate VOL UAV has modular and quick assembly and disassembly design, so that it can be be easily travelled in the case and set up in the field.

it has a huge batteries bay that can eaily hold two set of batteries ( 12S 4000Mah for quad motors, and 12S6 P 21000 mAh for pushing motor).

it is made by carbon fiber with high precision metal mold, so it has high strength and Ultimate lightweight.


Wingspan: 3 meters

Body Length: 1.05m

Max Takeoff Weight: 13 KG

Max Payload Weight: 1.5 KG

Endurance: 2 hours

Cruise Speed: 75km/h

Wind Resistance: Max 45km/hr fot Takeoff and Landing