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UAV Ground Control Station for DJI Inspire 2 and M200 Series

Original price $5,890.00 - Original price $6,300.00
Original price
$5,890.00 - $6,300.00
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DGS Lion 7-M210 UAV Ground Control Station is designed for professional film maker and photographer who are using DJI Inspire 2 or M200 Series. this UAV Ground Control Station has 19.5 inch 1920*1080 main High Bright LED Backlight Display that has sunlight readability. 9.7inch tablet with  android or ios system.

Each DGS UAV Lion 7-M210 UAV Ground Control Station has installed a DJI Cendence Remote Controller, see the instruction video below:

there are so manny advantages of DJI Cendence, it allows user to tune flight controller settings and the gimbal camera in real time, allowing professional photographers to pull focus and set aperture. for the quick camera adjustment, it allows users to customize several shortcut buttons for particular groups of settings, or save frequently sued settings.It has customizable buttons can quickly enable or disable frequently used function like focus peaking, color waveform, obstacle avoidance, and homw point resetting, they can also close warnings and tips mid-flight, all without using DJI APP. User can rotate the dials or toggle the right/left levers while holding certain buttons to control gimbal roll, shutter speed, or ISO.

The UAV Ground Control Station Specification:

please click DJI Cendence M210 GCS for Detail

what does the UAV Ground Control Station can do?

 We disassemble DJI Cendence to install in the rugged and water-proof hard plican case, also we install a main display and tablet in the case, most importantly, we design the Power Management Information, so users only need to charge the power system in the ground control station, then it will support power for all euqipment in the case for  5-12 hours! with fully charged battery.

Why we need a UAV Ground Control Station instead of a simple Cendence Controller?

we all know for a professional using purpose, the easy for tranportation and easy for settingup a euqipment is very important, due to the verious weather condition in the ourdoor field we need to consider the raining, snowing, and extrmely hot and cold days. the High Bright LED Backlight Display is indutrial level, so it can handle -20-60 C weather condition. and it is sunlight readable. 

instead of bringing a controller with case, and large monitor with cables, and big heavy porable power station and tablet another accessories. We make a best solution that is all-in-one with water-proof and easy traveling rugged hard case for you.