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DGS QGC Mission Planner Ground Control Staton for Commerical UAV

Original price $7,400.00 - Original price $7,400.00
Original price $7,400.00
$7,400.00 - $7,400.00
Current price $7,400.00

DGS QGC Mission Planner UAV Ground Control Staton 

Ground devices consist of:

host*1, 30AH battery*1, right hand metal joystick*1, 24V power adapter*1, external power output cable*1,

simulate aviation plug cable*1,trainer aviation plug cable*1, LCD remote controller*1, FHD FPV remote controller*1, 900MHz antenna*1, 433MHz antenna*1, 650MHz antenna*1, 2.4GHz antenna*1.

Onboard devices accessories:

Remote controller receiver*1, receiver 433MHz antenna*1, data receiver*1, data receiver 900MHz antenna*1, data transmitter*1, data transitter 650MHz antenna*1,2.4GHz antenna*1data power 3S battery*1.

 PC of the ground station mainly details is i5 CPU, 4G/128G SSD, support extend SATA hard disk, can also save the drone data and fly diary.