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Skylark VTOL Plane For Aerial Mapping and Topography

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The Skylark VTOL Plane is a tilt-quad planes with the front two motors tilting, it has transition between hover and forward flight is accomplished by tilting front two rotors so that it provides forward thrust instead of upward thrust. Skylark VTOL Plane is made of high dense EPO foam, full composite material mold VTOL Quad-arms and carbon fiber reinforcement; it features autonomous take-off and landing, autonomous conversion, and autonomous flight. It can achieve smooth take-off and landing in mountainous areas, hills, jungles, densely populated areas, greatly expanding the scope of application of drones, this VTOL UAV is the best choice for industrial inspection and aerial mapping applications.

Wingspan: 2200mm
Length: 1300mm
Height: 200mm
Wing area: 60dm²
Max take-off weight: 9kg
Recommand Take-off weight: 7.8kg (with one Tattu 6S 25000mAh HV 2.5kg0
Max speed: 25 m/s
Speed Range: 16- 25 m/s
Max payload: 1kg
Max Endurance: 2 hours
Max Wind speed resistance: 9 m/s
Landing Area: 3x3m

Flight time: (real testing data: single battery 6S 27000 mAh solid state Lipo or 6S 25000 mAh HV Tattu Lipo with 0.8kg payload during 3 m/s wind condition ) 120 mins