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61MP Drone Aerial Survey Full Frame Mapping Camera Surveyor Max 61S

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Original price $7,800.00
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This 61 MP FULL FRAME mapping camera Surveyor Max 61S  is an ultimate high quality drone mapping and surveying, aerial inspection camera in the market . it has:

  • 61 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor.
  • E-mount with support for FE, E, and A-mount lenses (with adapter)
  • Bionz X image processor.
  • Built-in Multi-Interface hot shoe output for PPK
  • top dynamic range and very low noise
  • 10 frames per second with full autofocus
  • 4K Video

the full-frame sensor has more than 2.5 times the surface area of an APS-C sensor. which is very essential for a aerial mapping camera, compared with the APS-C senor camera with the same the same front&side overlap, the full frame sensor save over 35% flight time for the same map quality.

Surveyor 61S has two IMAGE SD card slots, and a GPS POS TF card slot for storage .TXT file for GPS POS data, so you will have a set of images (SD cards) and a text file (TF card) containing a list of accurate coordinates corresponding to each photo. it has option to connect a GPS GNSS with camera. also for higher accuracy, it has PPK output from its hotshoe, so it can timestamp on PPK GNSS Modules such as Emlid Reach M2 each time capturing photo for accuracy mapping mission.

The 61 MP FULL FRAME mapping camera Surveyor Max 61S is now compatible with ADTi bluetooth module for wireless camera setting change, you can change the camera setting simply by your Android phones or tablets.

the 61MP Surveyor 61S is an interchangeable lens camera, and it is compatible with any of Sony E-mount Lens.

the Surveyor Surveyor Max 61S has aluminum housing version, which features industrial looks, also it has only 220g body weight, we also have E-mount lightweight full frame lens (35mm, 40mm, and 56mm F5.6 Full Frame E-mount Light Weight).




Sensor: full frame BSI COMS Image sensor(35.7x23.8mm)

Number of Pixels(effective): 60.2MP

Pixel Dimensions:9504x6336

Pixel Size 3.76µm

Hot Shoe signal: Supported

Shutter Trigger:PWM

Shutter Speed:30-1/8000sec

Continuous shooting: 3 frames per second, 10 frames per second (burst)

Storage Card Type: SD/SDHC/SDXC Card/MS

Storage: SD Card(maximum support 512G)

Parameter Setting: Button/USB

Data Reading: SD card/USB

Interface: micro HDMI/ USB3.0

Power: 12-28V Lipo or Liion Power supply

Weight: 220g(lens excluded)