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Alfa Pixhawk 2 Tailsitter VTOL Mapping Drone-Fully Carbon Fiber

Original price $5,600.00 - Original price $6,800.00
Original price
$5,600.00 - $6,800.00
Current price $5,600.00

The tail-sitters UAV are type of VTOL drone type that rotates the fuselage (and autopilot) when moving between forward flight and hover.

UnmannedRC wants to introduce you our latest tail-sitter mapping platform-Alfa Tailsitter VTOL Mapping Drone, its structure is fully made of Carbon Fiber, very durable and reliable. it can equip our 24.3MP or 36.4MP Mapping Camera, and Emild Reach M+ for PPK precision mapping. it can take off and land vertically, and hover like a plane. the aerodynamic design makes it fly very efficient; it has been proven that it can flight 30 mins with 4S 5000mAh Lipo Battery, and 45-50 mins with 6S 5700 Mah High Voltage Lipo Battery, and it still have huge potential to fly longer time with larger capacity 6S lipo battery.

compared with two motors and tilt servo type of tail-sitters UAV, it has better wind-resistance and less weather dependent, it has been tested to fly in the gust od 45 km/hr without any problem.

it can be used for small mapping mission, with 4S 5000 mAh battery it weigh only 1.8kg.