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WOOKONG Laser Rangefinder 10X Zoom Thermal Camera with 3-axis Gimbal

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Wookong is a high-precision professional 3-axis gimbal which features high stability, small size, light weight and low power consumption. The 3-axis gimbal based on FOC motor control technology, adopts high-precision encoder in each motor. It can be used on DJI drones M200 / M210 / M210RTK. Controlled by APP DJI PILOT it can meet many powerful functions, such as: photos or videos with 10 times optical zoom, object tracking, laser rangefinder, thermal imager and so on. The speed of WK10TIRM gimbal is adjustable, LOW speed mode for tele end, the control will be more accurate; Fast mode for wide end, which makes the gimbal control sensitive and quick. The one-key to center function will allow the gimbal return to initial position automatically and rapidly. You can input a degree in APP Payload Setting and get the gimbal attitude angles exactly.

Stabilizing the Wookong is a highly optimized 3-axis camera gimbal with pinpoint-precise motor rotation with a control accuracy of ±0.01° powered by a dedicated processor. 360°rotation remains possible through gimbal rotation. Stable, smooth footage image can be captured even when flying at high speed flight.

Build-in normalization, cross-correlation and tracking algorithm, combining with object missing recapture algorithm, achieve stable track of the target. Support custom characters of user OSD, adaptive gate, cross cursor, trace information display. The tracking speed is up to 32pixel/frame, object size range is from 16*16 pixel to 160*160 pixel, with the minimal signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) 4db, the mean square root values of pulse noise in the object position < 0.5 pixel, which greatly improve the accuracy and tracking effect.

The advanced location calculating algorithm is used to calculate the distance of the object within 1500 meters, accurately analyze the longitude and latitude of the object, and display the on the screen. It has a great auxiliary role in the enforcement of military and police.