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Swift Full Composite Material VTOL Mapping UAV

Original price $5,400.00 - Original price $9,800.00
Original price
$5,400.00 - $9,800.00
Current price $5,400.00

The Swift Composite Material VTOL Mapping UAV is a high quality Vertical takeoff and Landing fixed wing UAV with a very safe,more high reliable and effcient features. It can take off on ground less than 1 square meter, and had 1.5-2  hours duration depends on its payload. We have tested the aerodynamics both on simulation software and real field test, it is designed so that the air provides the optimal upthrust with minimum resistance. It can takeoff with 6S batteries power instead of 12S, when it cruises, the current usage is between 8-10A, the power consumption of this plane is 140mAh/1km, and futhermore, it has large interior fuselage space, so it can carry large size of payload or large size of 18650 li ion batteries pack.

The wings can be easily installed or detached on both side of its fuselage.

We have the pixhawk 2 autopliot install location in the fuselage, please see photo below:

It can be folded into a traveling case without taking off the propellers.


Swift VTOL UAV Specifications:

Wingspan : 2600mm

Frame Weight: 2.5kg

Max Takeoff Weight: 9kg

Cruise Speed: 18m/s

Min. Speed Required: 13m/s

Max.Speed Can Reach: 33m/s

Max payload weight: 1.5-2kg

flight time (with 1 kg payload and takeoff weight 8 kg):1.5-2 hours

Size After Folded: 950x830x275mm