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T30 Handheld FPV 22CH Ground Station 10.1inch Touch Screen

Original price $4,000.00 - Original price $5,506.00
Original price
$4,000.00 - $5,506.00
Current price $4,000.00

The T30 hand-held ground control station is a portable lightweight and rugged ground computer station with FHD sunlight readable touch screen display, integrated industrial grade PC system and data link remote control system.

T30 provides the function such as mission planning, attitude control, payload control, remote monitoring, real-time video display, etc.

With Windows/Linux platform, T30 supports the most ground control station software.

Industrial-grade computer and military grade data link ensures the safety and stability of the flight. Easy operation and transportation.

It features:

  • Ultra-bright screen: sunlight readable and touch screen, display resolution: 1920*1200, brightness 800/1000CCD
  • Dual SBus with HID input, 9 quick buttions for GCS quick operation.
  • Provide SDK and underlying communication protocol to facilitate secondary development of users;
  • Aircraft aluminum body, compact size for comfortable transportation and usage
  • Universal platform, suitable for most flight controllers in the market
  • Provides command, control and information of drone and camera with real time video display
  • Support 3 frequencies, 800MHz, 1.4GHz, 2.4GHz can be chosen in software, communication range 10km+
  • Programmable dual SBUS output, able to control aircraft and payload
  • Multiple ports, including TTL, RS232, RS485, RS422; expandable aircraft plug interface
  • WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet interfaces, HDMI output interface, built-in Hi-fi audio and also can connect external headphones