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UAV Ground Control Station-Powerful Tools for Commerial and Indurital UAV Pilots

UAV Ground Control Station-Powerful Tools for Commerial and Indurital UAV Pilots

The UAV GCS (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles Ground Control Station) is also known as the Mission Planning and Flight Controlling Station. The mission planning mainly refers to plan the flight path of UAVs for flight missions, flight controlling refers to control the various systems and payloads of the entire UAV during the flight. According to the operator's requirements. Most UAV GCSs are designed for Civil Engineers, movie production companies, aerial inspections, law enforcement, agricultural and search & rescue operations who want to simplify and streamline the drone control process.

Software Programs Compatibility:

Software programs compatibility is the key factor that commercial pilots consider to choose a right GCS for their UAVs.

The world Flight Controller Systems can be majorly divide into four large groups: Military UAV, Open Source Flight Control system (PX4), DJI commercial grade UAVs, and Industrial professional UAV system ( MicroPilot)


(Mission Planner for PX4 & Ardupilot )


(DJI Ground Control Software)

Powerful PC for Running Ground Control Software:

GCS consist of a Powerful PC so UAV Operators can install software such as Ground Control software, Google Earth, Windy, or FlightAware to maintain a safe, compliant and effective UAV operation. Instead of R/C remote Hobby flight, the commercial flight mission involves more complicated planning and high level of safety.

(Unmanned RC GCS PRO-V5)


Sunlight Readable LED Background Large Display:

 A high Quality GCS like GCS PRO-V5 is a state of the art when it comes to its all-in-one form factor and features it offers. The user-friendly feature is the sunlight readable LED Background 19” Display:


(Compared to the cellphone screen, the sunlight readable display is very bright and clear under the sunlight.)


3-Axis joystick with 12 PWM Channels and 44 Custom Buttons


Instead of traditional R/C remote joystick, the GCS PRO-V5 features 3-Axis professional fully integrated 3-Axis joystick and throttle flight controller that meets or exceeds the demands of the best commercial flight pilots.

(3-Axis joystick with 12 PWM Channels and 44 Custom Buttons)


(One button for hidden the flight control system when pilot need to close the close the case)



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